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  • Intuizioni verticali

site specific

A site specific performance to be staged on old buildings, modern structures, towers, bell towers and natural landscapes.

An entertaining and dynamic show designed to be performed in special vertical locations presenting a unique architectural style and splendor.

Our portfolio includes perfomances staged on Palazzo della Signoria in Florence, gothic cathedrals in countries beyond the Alps, the bell tower of St. Mark in Venice, Bergamo’s bell tower – il Campanone, the Ridracoli Dam – 100 mt high - and Seoul’s skyscrapers.

The performance is inspired by the architecture of the given site, which is also key when establishing the anchor points for the ropes. Passion and experience, especially as far as the technical safety aspects are concerned, allow the artists to take advantage of almost the entire vertical space while performing.


Photos by Claudia Muresu, Tatum Rumer, Raffaele Turci, Francesca Bocchia,

video footage by Gianluca Naphtalina Camporesi, video editing by Andrea Piallini.

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