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a flying structure

A suspended three-dimensional stage on which dancers, lights and shadows blend into the colors of the structure. 

Both lights and colours change the appearance of the CUbe depending on the performance of the artists who move both inside and outside of it.

The structure, 360cm on each side, is made of aluminium truss.
In the beginning it appears covered by a semi-lucent veil, which the performers drop during the performance.
Flames and smoke make the CUbe seem bigger.
4 white veils unroll converting the walls of the structure in sort of paintings through the colours and shapes created by the shadows.

A crew of performers moves inside and outside the constantly changing structure,
dancing and bungee launching from within the CUbe towards the audience.

Photos by Claudia Muresu,

video footage by Claudia Muresu, video editing by Andrea Piallini.

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